Fishinging Games

Fishing Game Scene


Traditional fishing table is a classic arcade-style multi-user shooting game. It's first seen in asia. It features a screen mounted on a football-like table,

The table are interesting. While the fishes swim into the field, all player are able to shoot at the same fish with different multiplier and get reward based on it.

The rarer and harder a Fishing is to snag, the larger the prize becomes. Most fishing games has a weapon change feature, it might affect to the shooting speed, extra bets and off course a brand new animation.

Scenes may be different in those fishing games, but a jackpot-like boss is always there for every fishing games. The boss is the super-high reward target rather then the other fishes but it's relative hard to kill.

Many of these games come from Asian companies such as Chinese Guangzhou Intelligent Game Software. Their more popular releases include Magical Ocean, Storm Dragon, Fire Kirin 2, and Crab King 2.

Though skill plays a small factor, it still affects outcomes. Because of that, Fishing games are the closest thing to a skill-based or multiplayer game that can be found in the world of gambling.

They are the only gaming options where several players sit at the same table competing for the same prizes, where someone can snag a massive win right under your nose.


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